Why use the media at all?  I have heard that a lot from people in organizations that I have worked with.  Most of the time this is from people who are a little scared of the power of the media and who have not had the skills to unlock its potential.   With a little training and a good focus on your message, you can use the media to huge benefit for you and your company/organization.  Here are a few reasons why you should use the media:

Why use the media?

Get your program recognized as an authority in its field – with increasing competition for funding and competition from groups who can deliver from anywhere around the globe, having the community recognize YOUR company/organization as the local authority is crucial.   For example, in our state (Maine), LLBean does a wonderful job at letting us know that they are the authority in outdoor boots and equipment.

Build your audience – if you run a public program and you want to increase the number of participants, there is no better way than to reach out to your target group through the media.  This is so true of service clubs, sporting events and other community based activities.

Sell more products – if you have developed a new product, or even have an old trusted product that needs a new lease on life within your public audience, then the media is a great tool to get that product in front of thousands.   And we are not necessarily talking pure advertising here, but the world of infomercials and the use of public events to promote your product and service.

Raise awareness about an issue – if you feel there is an injustice happening, then the media can really help you get that message across to many voters and politicians/decision makers.

All of these are proactive media issues which you want to drive for your organization.   The other side of the media coin is the “crisis media response”, where the media can come to you because of a crisis in your organization on which they want you to comment.  We will post more about that later.

why use the media

Why use the media – what will it cost?

There are two pathways to getting your story into the media.  The first is to use a reliable media company to to the work for you.  They will advise you and lead you through the process.  They will also charge well for their service.  The second way is to get some training and work through the process yourself.  This is a cheaper option and you end up with the skills right in your organization that you can use over and over again.

why use the media


Our advice is simple:  If you want to use the media to raise your organizations profile, then get some training and get the skills in-house that you can use over and over again.  If however you find your organization in a crisis situation with the media knocking on your door for comment, then use a reliable media company to guide you through the process.


Why use the media? Four reasons to be media savvy.

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