Does your school or college need to raise its profile in the media?

Do you need to know how to get your great news stories out into the community like:

  • Academic prizes and accomplishments
  • Major donations or capital campaigns
  • Sporting achievements
  • New facility openings

Then you would benefit from an in-school professional development training for your key staff (principal, deans, teachers, coaches etc) and students (captains, student councilors etc) from Grab Me Media.


We come to you…

We come to your school/college and run training that includes topics based on your needs.  They can include topics such as:

  • How to write an effective media release
  • How to invite the media to your event
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Face-to-face practice interviews with local news presenters
  • How to deal with difficult interview questions
  • How to follow up after a media event
  • How to manage the media in a crisis
  • How to use social media to get your message across
  • How to capture your own videos/photos for social media

Our initial consultation with you will be about us learning what your needs are for the training.   We want you to help us tailor the program to your exact needs.  We then come and train your staff/students over a few hours (based on the program you choose) and provide you follow up so that you have support for your next media effort.

To arrange a call to talk about options and possibilities, please email Gary at gary (at)

Why Grab Me Media?

We are not just any media consultants.  We have experience working in many aspects of education including:

  • Being teachers – middle and high school in private and government schools.
  • Leading national and international education programs for K-12 and beyond.
  • Being in international education commissions (IUGS Commissions)
  • Winning educational awards for products.
  • Being on local Maine school boards.
  • And most importantly, being parents of school-aged children and who think that school activities need more community support.

We understand the structures and constraints of education institutions and can provide you with tailored training that will really make a difference to your media efforts.