Our team….

Grab Me Media is made up of a team of people who have many years of experience working with or in the media.   They work with local journalist experts to provide training, advice and services to help you get your message into the wider community.



William (Bill) Blood – Bill was the Station Engineer and Production Manager for the Community Television Network (Channel 2 & 5) and owner of Frame One Productions and has worked in the field of television and film for nearly 25 years.  Bill has produced, directed and shot many award winning documentaries receiving to his credit several regional and national awards including Visions Award, Telly Award, Communicator Award and the Northeast Video Film Award.  His love of music has led him to direct and film over 100 bands throughout New England.  Bill has amazing expertise in the nuts & bolts of working in electronic media providing this course a real hands-on experience.


Columns make nice podiums

Gary Lewis – Gary has 20 years of working with the print and electronic media both for non-profit and government organizations.  Developer of dozens of teaching resources, blogger and social media expert, Gary has been successful in getting his ‘message’ in print and electronic media.  He has run weekly radio science-spots and appeared as a science presenter on children’s TV in Australia. Gary was the Director of Communications for Geoscience Australia and the Senior Director for Education and Outreach for the Geological Society of America and so has a great understanding of science issues.  He currently is the President of GEOetc – an education and outreach consultancy.  He is passionate about helping others to communicate their message using all forms of media.


We also work with local media personalities to provide face-to-face experiences to our workshop participants.